The Rest of Tino Medina's Story

We as Animal Control need to be trained for everything from river rescue, to haz-mat decontamination, to setting up emergency shelters during disasters, to tree removal. so we can get to locations when needed during bad weather. My department has equipment that may seem odd for an Animal Control but we have a mobile generator, chainsaws, bio hazard gear, porta-corral, and cages that range from hamster up to exotics such as tigers. Our department can pull enough equipment from our facility that we can set up a fully functioning shelter at almost any location.

"Being Prepared"!!

Some departments think this may be extreme, but in the past year, we had to rescue a horse that had fallen into one of our main rivers and had pretty much given up. We were able to locate a boat and performed a river rescue with our knowledge of river rescue and rope work. The owner still calls occasionally to thank us for her horse. We had a rescue group trying to save two horses from a bad situation when the horse trailer they were towing came un-hitched, coasted into the median and flipped over twice. We were able to extricate and save one horse (sadly the other died due to her injuries). In this day and age, you must be prepared for a situation, and finding the training is a great starting point.

When I first took the TLAER course that the Gimenezes offered I was amazed. I never really imagined using a helicopter to rescue a "stuck" animal. I've seen it on TV before but I never thought I would be doing it. This course will not make you an animal rescue expert, but it will open your eyes and point you in the right direction. The course covers a lot of the different aspects of rescue and lets you get some hands on training that will give you more confidence in knowing what you are doing. I am in no way a large Animal rescue expert, but when needed, I can feel safe knowing, I know what needs to be done, how to do it (safely) and WHEN to do it. We can't save them all the time, but when the time is right to save an animal, the reward is worth the hard work and training that were put into it. Rebecca and Tom Gimenez are two of the nicest people I have met and I was more than glad to have them as instructors.

The class was so beneficial to my staff and I that we hired the Gimenezes as instructors and helped put on the course here in Harnett County. I was so impressed to see people from as far away as Colorado attending. Not all these people were in rescue or government jobs, some students were horse owners who wanted to "better prepare" themselves. Some were "ranchers" that wanted to help protect their investments. The class was fun as well as instructive and the hands on training was amazing. I recommend this course, as well as any course that will broaden your knowledge, to people.

Knowledge is power!!!!!!