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Horse Awareness and Safety

A "Teach It Yourself" Class on CDRom

What is Horse Awareness and Safety? This class is designed for emergency responders, and anyone else who wants to learn about horses. It introduces people to horses two ways:

  • In a classroom
  • Hands-on in an arena

Horse Awareness and Safety gives you basic tools to help you respond to an incident involving horses.

    Topics include:

  • Scene Safety
  • Scene Assessment
  • When to Call the Large Animal Veterinarian
  • The How and Why of Horse Behavior
  • Handling a Horse
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Barn Fire Safety

Why Should Emergency Responders Learn About Horses?

According to experts, the most critical safety issue at the scene of a large animal incident is the responders' lack of knowledge of an experience around large animals.

Most Emergency Responders in North America live and work in urban areas and have little contact with large animals such as horses, but thousands of these critters pass through their jurisdictions every year.

Even if you work in the downtown area of a large city, sooner or later you could get that dreaded call. A trailer rollover! If you are first to arrive on the scene and assume command, would you know how to handle the animals involved? Most rescue personnel don't.

You're not trained for it, and it's dangerous in ways you don't understand. How do you approach what could be a lethal situation for you, your crew, and the animals involved?

Why Should Scouts, and Other Groups Need This Information?

Many organizations involving youngsters have a teaching system wherein their members learn about specific topics to earn badges or credits. Horsemanship is often one of these topics. These groups would include 4-H, Pony Clubs, Scouts and FFA.

The information contained in the CD Rom is basic and would be of interest to schoolteachers looking for an easy-to-teach topic of instruction outside their typical curriculum.

Disaster and rescue groups often need to train their volunteers before sending them out into the field. This CD Rom provides an overview of one of the larger and more dangerous animals they may be called upon to rescue.

Businesses involving horses, such as boarding stables, trainers, breeding farms, racetracks and horse haulers are constantly hiring new personnel. Make sure your new employees understand the behavior of the animals they are working around. Prevent accidents with a little training.

What's in it For New Horse Owners?

Did you just purchase a horse? Not really comfortable around this new, large playmate?

Or, perhaps your horse-crazy son or daughter has finally convinced you to buy a pony.


You are a little intimidated by this new creeature and are totally in the dark about how to "read" the animal or what medical problems you should watch for.

You and your child can learn about this newest member of your family in the comfort of your home with this new CD Rom!

Who Should Buy This CD Rom?

  • Emergency Responders
  • Boy and Girl Scout Troups
  • 4-H and FFA Clubs
  • Teachers
  • Pony Clubs and Horse Councils
  • Humane Societies
  • Disaster Rescue Groups
  • New Horse Owners
  • Horse Stables and Trainers
  • Racetracks
  • Large Animal Businesses
And anyone who is planning on working around horses or wants to know about them.

What Does the CD Rom Contain?

  • A Powerpoint Slide Show with over 70 slides
  • Instructor notes and handouts
  • The Horse Awareness and Safety book
  • A Certificate Blank
  • A Release From Liability Form
  • Directions for setting up a hands-on class

Sample slides


Teach the class to your local Fire Department and other emergency responders, or give the CD to your local horse rescue group to use as a fundraiser!

Save a horse! Save a life! Make the world a better place!


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Along with horse owners from around the world, the following is a sampling of the organizations that have copies of this helpful class.

Contact the one nearest to you, or your local horse council, to set up a class.

Here is a list by area.

  • Anaheim, CA Police Department
  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, UT
  • California Mounted Officers Association
  • CA Governor's Office
  • Colorado Humane Society, Pikes Peak Region
  • Contra Costa Fire Department, CA
  • Double HP Horse Rescue, SD
  • Frandford Fire Department, ME
  • Franklin, AR Fire Department
  • Hooved Animal Humane Society, Woodstock, IL
  • Lake Villa, IL Fire Department
  • Mariposa County, CA Fire Department
  • Michigan State University
  • Milford, CT Fire Department
  • Minnesota State Horse Council
  • National Park Service, Yosemite, CA
  • New Vocations Horse Rescue, OH
  • New York State Horse Council - Palisades Region
  • Norco, CA 4-H
  • Ohio Standardbred Rescue
  • Oregon Horsemens Association
  • Peninsula Humane Society, CA
  • San Diego Humane Society and SPCA
  • Sonoma County, CA Horse Council and Back Country Horsemen
  • Tuolomne County Search and Rescue, CA
  • Ukiah, CA Fire Department
  • Veterinary Information Network, Davis, CA
  • Wisconsin State Horse Council

  • Hawkesbury State Emergency Service, NSW, Australia
  • IRSE, Sweden
  • Lyndhurst Fire Department, Hampshire, UK
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • University of Guelph, Equine Guelph, Ontario, Canada

If you are interested in translating this class into a language other than English, please contact us. We'd like to see this information shared around the world.

Michelle Staples teaches CPR, CERT (disaster preparedness), Emergency Pet First Aid, and Horse Awareness and Safety, is an EMT and a horse owner who has been involved with Standardbred rescue for over 16 years. She has served as a Guest Lecturer for the University of Guelph's online Equine Science Certificate.