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No new classes submitted or requested. Dont forget! June 3-4 in the UK.
Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is hosting its first Animal Rescue Conference

Professor Tomas and Major Rebecca Gimenez. Leading authorities on animal rescues in the USA, with notable experience of disaster rescue.


Nicole Walukewicz nwalukewicz@yahoo.com
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Most importantly to your Animal Control Officers!

Nicole Walukewicz

May 10, 2008

After the Townville, SC case last August it became evident that education for our responding officers was necessary. Often officers are faced with frightened or aggressive horses and are not aware of how to safely approach and handle a horse under these circumstances. Further, when faced with a skinny horse, they do not always know the basics of nutrition, parasite control, hoof care, dental care and other issues that could be affecting the horse’s weight. The sheriff’s office asked us to find an educational program that would address these issues so they can more effectively investigate cases of abuse, maltreatment and neglect. Given the expense for sending one officer to a program like Code 3 Cruelty Investigations Class it became clear we needed to find a more affordable solution.

In April of this year PEARL met with Dr. Fran Wolack and Dr. Chris Mortenson and discussed the feasibility of The Clemson Extension Service offering cruelty investigation classes, using the existing system and their vast knowledge of livestock. They have taken our concept and are looking into creating a course that will meet the needs of our state’s law enforcement agents. As a short term solution The Palmetto Equine Awareness& Rescue League (PEARL) is pleased to announce that in cooperation with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office we are bringing Mr. Brian Dees to our area for a two day seminar on horsemanship.

Brian Dees is both a renowned horse trainer and the President of the Georgia Equine Rescue League. This two day seminar is being offered by PEARL to all law enforcement agents, animal control officers and first responders with full scholarships for training. This seminar will demonstrate how to catch, halter, mange and, trailer a frightened or aggressive horse safely. Discussions on equine health, hoof care, nutrition and teeth will also be given.

We will need several horses for this event. We need two horses that are difficult to catch and are a bit unruly. We are also looking for two horses that are unlikely to cooperate about loading. If you have a horse you would like to benefit from a training session with Brain and afford the attending officers the opportunity to see how to manage a horse with an uncooperative nature, please contact Nicole Walukewicz at (864) 287-8890 or (864) 940-0954.

The event takes place June 21st & 22nd at the T. Ed Garrison Arena in Clemson, SC for this event as our guest. The program begins at 9:00am. Tickets can be purchased at the door the cost will be $10.00. We look forward to seeing you there!


New LAR related equipment.


nothing new!


Maybe something was learned! Rebecca sent in these links.

Look at the video here -

recieved new training mannikin - wonder if they are going to attend the LAR conference in UK?

This has been a rough year for horses in mud or ravines.....

this one died - after 7 hours of effort See video and pix

wow - this looks dangerous.

took them 6 hours and it died also.


Ideas on equipment,testing,training, etc.

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