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April 2013 newsletter


Information on LAR and related classes, as well as speaking engagements/conferences, and requests for classes. For a complete list of classes, visit www.saveyourhorse.com/wholearn.htm

NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS: Please submit your new classes at the end of each month to be included in the next month's newsletter. I will send out a monthly notice a week or so before the newsletter is due. I would appreciate it if you would send in your class schedules, along with contact information, at that time. Thank you. ALSO: You are welcome to send in your class lists and I will send out a notice to each student inviting them to subscribe to the newsletter


Gisele Gariepy, a volunteer firefighter in the province of New Brunswick, Canada, would like to get information on holding a clinic open to the public and local fire depts. morningstaracres@gmail.com


North Strabane Fire Dept., Canonsburg, PA (Just south of Pittsburg). LAR Awareness for First Responders, and Save Your Horse! A Safety Seminar for Horse Owners. Those that attend the seminar will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the purpose of reimbursements or to forward to your equine insurance carrier. Call 724-745-1010, ext. 333 or email ed.childers@nstfd.org


EERU (EMERGENCY EQUINE RESPONSE UNIT) classes include Basic Equine Awareness and Response, Large Animal Rescue Operations (LARO), and Large Animal Ice Rescue. Schedule and information are available at http://www.code3associates.org/eeru.php training is provided by Eric Thompson: ethompson@code3associates.org
LAR (LARGE ANIMAL RESCUE) training is provided by D&J Fox: www.largeanimalrescue.com
LAER (LARGE ANIMAL EMERGENCY RESCUE) training is provided by Roger Lauze: MSPCA (978) 687-7453 x6124 rlauze@mspca.org
LERC (LIVESTOCK EMERGENCY RESPONSE COURSE) and EER (EQUINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE) training is provided by Jennifer Woods: livestockhandling@mac.com
P*P*P*P (PRIOR*PROPER*PREPARATION*PREVENTION) Reality Based Emergency training is provided by Tori Miller and Kelly Sigler: NC4HoovesFarm@hotmail.com
TAR (TECHNICAL ANIMAL RESCUE) training incorporates water and flood rescue techniques with animal behavior www.wavetrekrescue.com
TLAER (TECHNICAL LARGE ANIMAL EMERGENCY RESCUE) 2 levels of training, provided by Dr. Rebecca Gimenez and various trainers: at www.tlaer.org
WASART (WASHINGTON STATE ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM) training is provided by the Washington State Animal Rescue Team: www.washingtonsart.org


APR 8-12 ADR Level II (5-day) -- Reno, NV For more information contact Code 3 Associates at info@code3associates.org or visit www.code3associates.org
APR 13 LARGE ANIMAL EXTRICATION CLASS -- A hands-on class. Tom Berryman’s Farm, Rochester, WA Contact Eldo K. DeLong, Jr. atedelong@spscc.ctc.edu
APR 20 EER -- Caledon, Ontario Contact Jennifer Woods at livestockhandling@mac.com
APR 20 WASART TRANSPORT class -- Enumclaw, WA General enquiries to info@washingtonsart.org . Contact info at training@washingtonsart.org
APR 28-30 TAR – Longmont, CO For more information contact Code 3 Associates at info@code3associates.org or visit www.code3associates.org
MAY 3-4 BULL – Longmont, CO For more information contact Code 3 Associates at info@code3associates.org or visit www.code3associates.org
MAY 6-8 TLAER Operations -- Winston-Salem, NC Contact Stephanie Rideout – srideout@wakehealth.edu
MAY 20-25 EIA Level II – Durango, CO For more information contact Code 3 Associates at info@code3associates.org or visit www.code3associates.org
MAY 23 TLAER Awareness (1 day compressed format) Course – Kirkwood, IA Katie Hyde katie.hyde@iowaagriculture.gov
MAY 24-26 P*P*P*P -- in MA (Location TBD) Contact: www.kellysigler.com or www.4HoovesSMART.com
JUN 3-8 EIA Level I – Middleburg, VA For more information contact Code 3 Associates at info@code3associates.org or visit www.code3associates.org
JUN 4 – 6 TLAER Operations – Calgary, Alberta Contact Dr. Gord Krebs, gdkrebs@ucalgary.ca LIMITED ENROLLMENT
JUN 8 LERC -- South Dakota State Fire School, SD Contact Jennifer Woods at livestockhandling@mac.com
JUN 8-9 WASART FIELD RESPONSE -- Buckley, WA General enquiries to info@washingtonsart.org. Contact info at training@washingtonsart.org
JUN 28-29 TLAER Awareness -- ( 2 one-day compressed format classes) in NH - coordinated by shiranafshi@gmail.com
JUN 28-JUL 1 TAR/LARO (Technical Animal Rescue / Large Animal Rescue Operations combination) -- Fairport, NY at the Lollypop Farm For more information contact Code 3 Associates at info@code3associates.org or visit www.code3associates.org
JUL TBA TLAER Awareness Course – Augusta, GA Kelly Krise at kelly.l.krise@gmail.com
JUL 13-14 WASART EMERGENCY SHELTERING -- Enumclaw, WA General enquiries to info@washingtonsart.org . Contact info at training@washingtonsart.org

AUG 2-4 TLAER Operations and Awareness Course -- Morven Park Equestrian Center, Leesburg VA coordinated by Nicole Ehrentraut davinciequine@gmail.com
AUG 19-24 EIA Level I – Durango, CO For more information contact Code 3 Associates at info@code3associates.org or visit www.code3associates.org
AUG 23-25 P*P*P*P -- in ME (Location TBD) Contact: www.kellysigler.com or www.4HoovesSMART.com
AUG/SEP TLAER Operations Course – Cotton, NC Justin and Tori McLeod at jmcleodncff@yahoo.com
SEP 13-14 TLAER Awareness Course – in SD (Location TBD) Coordinated by Dr. Jeff Bottger jdbottgerdvm@yahoo.com
SEP 27-29 P*P*P*P – in PA (Tentative - Location TBD) Contact: www.kellysigler.com or www.4HoovesSMART.com
SEP/ OCT TLAER Awareness Course – MS (Date/Location TBD) Dr. Carla Huston at huston@cvm.msstate.edu
OCT 4-6 P*P*P*P -- Sunnyside Equestrian Center Middleton, NJ Contact: www.kellysigler.com or www.4HoovesSMART.com
OCT 11-13 P*P*P*P -- Therapeutic Riding Center/Clearwind Farm, Mebane, NC Contact: www.kellysigler.com or www.4HoovesSMART.com
DEC TBA TLAER Operations and Awareness Course – Macon, GA Contact Dr. Rebecca Gimenez at delphiacres@hotmail.com or (214) 679-3629


APR 22-27 FDIC -- Fire Departments Instructors Conference, Indianapolis, IN -- Chandra Davis speaking on Large Animal Rescue and Awareness Check http://www.fdic.com/index.html for details
APR 28 ATA 39th Annual Animal Transportation Association Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA Contact www.animaltransportationassociation.org
MAY 30-JUN 1 NASAR Conference, Myrtle Beach, SC http://www.nasar.org/page/25/SAR-Conferences
SEP 5-6 NACA Disaster Training Conference, Atlanta, GA naca@nacanet.org

NOTE: Jennifer Woods’ class EQUINE EMERGENCY RESPONSE in Caledon, Ontario has been moved to APR 20




http://www.laern.org LARGE ANIMAL EMERGENCY RESCUE NETWORK Quick and easy access to information about large animal response groups around the world. If you are in a group, or know of a group, that is not listed, please contact Kathleen Becker (kab@hast.net ) or me (just reply to this newsletter) so we can add your information.
Kathleen will need your contact name, phone number, address, website, what area you cover, and what services you offer. This website will be limited to State Animal Response Teams (SARTs), County ARTs, Provincial ARTs, Disaster ARTs, horse ambulances, search and rescue teams with LAR training, and rescue equipment loans. There are also separate pages for specialized equipment and training.

A longtime community tradition, the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine Open House will intrigue and entertain audiences of all ages during a full day of educational demonstrations, tours and much more from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 13. The event is free and open to the public. Snacks and College of Veterinary Medicine merchandise will be available for purchase.

"Large Animals in the News"


http://training.fema.gov/IS/ FEMA's Emergency Management Institute free online classes
IS-100.b - (ICS 100) Introduction to Incident Command System
IS-10.a Animals in Disasters: Awareness and Preparedness
IS-11.a Animals in Disasters: Community Planning
IS-111.a Livestock in Disasters
IS-200.b (ICS 200) ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
IS-700.a National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction
Note: Many emergency response volunteer groups and SARTs require IS-100, 200 and 700 at a minimum

http://extension.ucdavis.edu/unit/beyond_the_classroom/course/description/?type=A&unit=BEY&SectionID=165733&course_title=Equine+Emergency+Medicine+and+Rescue+Techniques+for+the+Wilderness+Environment&prgList=EXP&AreaName=Beyond+the+Classroom%2FEquine Here's your chance to take Equine Wilderness Medicine. Check it out! Oh, and did I mention the 7-day pack trip in the mountains?

http://youtu.be/xx0HDCYp45E Yousef Alsadi in the United Arab Emirates sent this video to remind you how quickly a rescue can go horribly wrong if you're not careful

http://www.cbs8.com/story/21780557/volunteers-train-to-airlift-trapped-horses San Diego volunteers train for airlift
http://cs.thehorse.com/blogs/horse-911-whats-your-emergency/archive/2013/04/02/savma-2013-wet-lab-features-mock-disaster-drill-with-animals.aspx Rebecca's blog: Mock disaster drill at SAVMA



http://djournal.com/view/full_story/21929568/article-Area-firefighters-save-injured--upside-down-horse?instance=home_news_1st_left Tupelo's LAR team to the rescue! Great job!
http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_22755739/crews-rescue-horse-from-frozen-pond Pond was in horse's corral. Why wasn't it fenced off?? and another link to the same incident http://denver.cbslocal.com/2013/03/09/firefighters-save-horse-trapped-in-icy-pond/
http://www.burtonmail.co.uk/News/Horse-enjoys-a-late-night-swim-in-family-pool-20130222122643.htm Horse out of swimming pool
http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/local/horse-rescued-after-getting-stuck-in-slurry-1-5464447 Out of mud

http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/Firefighters-fight-free-trapped-horse-Sapcote/story-18512177-detail/story.html#axzz2OeLA5U8n Rescue was a success but the patient died
and http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21010125217529/cow-trapped-in-drainage-pulled-to-safety/
http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/10310491.Stranded_horse_rescued_from_Brighouse_beck/ What's a beck?
http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/03/18/3293582/firefighters-ready-to-rescue-pregnant.html Pregnant cow in FL
And http://www.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/21010125217529/cow-trapped-in-drainage-pulled-to-safety/

http://www.fox19.com/story/21860463/emergency-crews-work-to-rescue-llama-sinking-in-mud Llama out of "boot sucking mud" Quick, easy, low tech rescue
http://www.news.com.au/national-news/this-horse-was-in-a-hole-heap-of-trouble/story-fncynjr2-1226607995135 WOW!
http://www.mcall.com/news/local/police/mc-lowhill-horse-rescue-20130331,0,4906124.story Elderly horse helped out of ditch
http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/western-cape/nsri-helps-rescue-horse-from-raging-river-1.1490649#.UVtSlrTD_mR Rescue in South Africa


Godfrey the horse was in deep trouble. His owners found him swallowed by a sinkhole on their farm in Tasmania. Godfrey was hanging on, with his feet out, bottom in the water. Fortunately he fell in backwards or this story would have a very different ending. Being a Standardbred he was sane about the whole incident. Owners Erica and David Norgrove called for help. They had planned on using an excavator but realized Godfrey couldn’t wait so a tractor with a front-end loader was brought in. A heavy duty “snatch strap” (tow strap) was used to lift Godfrey out of the watery hole. Fortunately, Godfrey had no injuries outside of a few scrapes. Chalk one up for Standardbreds! And quick thinking owners.


http://www.statesman.com/news/news/local/wreck-sends-four-to-hospitals/nWtjh/ People killed by drunk driver pulling horse trailer


http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/2013-03-09/news/fl-west-lake-worth-barn-fire-horse-fatality-20130309_1_barn-horses-midday-fire Horses die in FL
http://www.whitbygazette.co.uk/news/local/horses-killed-in-stable-fire-1-5487408 Three horses die in UK fire
http://www.toledoblade.com/Police-Fire/2013/03/22/Vail-Meadows-hopes-to-continue-mission-after-fire-kills-10-horses.html Multiple horses die in barn fire - no sprinklers

Check out Laurie Loveman’s website: http://www.firesafetyinbarns.com PLEASE install a sprinkler system in your barn!



http://www.an-eventful-life.com.au/eventing-news/tale-about-towing Great pictures of a trailer turnover
http://www.kake.com/news/headlines/Semi-Carrying-Cattle-Overturns-In-Barber-County-196062691.html Careless driver causes trailer to overturn and 3 deaths of cows
http://www.wivb.com/dpp/news/new_york/ap_new_york/11-cattle-killed-in-rollover Slippery roads kill cattle
http://tdn.com/news/loose-horses-shut-down-i--traffic-early-monday/article_994b391e-902c-11e2-9e1e-0019bb2963f4.html Loose horses gallop along roadway, captured unharmed
http://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/cattle-loose-highway-after-truck-rollover/1797234/ Cattle killed in rollover. Be sure to read the comment under the story
http://www.ksla.com/story/21726439/horse-killed-rider-injured-when-struck-by-car Stay off the roads!
http://www.dallasnews.com/news/community-news/ellis-kaufman/20130313-dallas-area-woman-killed-in-wreck-involving-cow.ece Two people and a cow killed
http://www.emissourian.com/multimedia/photos/news/collection_49fee010-8738-11e2-9cfa-001a4bcf887a.html Cow gets loose and is shot multiple times. Really???? Raging bull?????
http://www.necn.com/04/01/13/Vt-police-Truck-hits-horse-rider/landing.html?&apID=2af68207e4a642da802954b0428ab4e7 Horse struck by truck, rider ok, horse euthanized
http://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/eastern-cape/six-killed-in-crash-with-cow-1.1490095#.UVtQVrTD_mQ In South Africa
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/9953955/Police-marksman-shoots-escaped-cow-in-school-grounds.html Police shoot loose cow. Really? They couldn't keep the kids inside the school and round up a lone cow?
http://www.abcnews4.com/story/21855116/horse-killed-in-hit-and-run Another hit and run of a horse and rider. PLEASE ride off the road!!
http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-04-08/woman-and-two-horses-killed-after-semi-trailer-jackknifes/4615054 Truck jackknifes into trailer





http://cs.thehorse.com/blogs/horse-911-whats-your-emergency/archive/2013/03/21/milton-georgia-response-program-is-a-huge-success.aspx?CommentPosted=true#commentMessage Rebecca's blog is all about the Milton, GA response program. Great stuff!


http://www.cfsph.iastate.edu/Emergency-Response/just-in-time-training.php Everything you ever wanted to know about responding to an emergency/disaster, from ICS to PPE (personal protection equipment)
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323869604578370574285382756.html An excellent article on the intelligence of animals. New research shows that we have grossly underestimated both the scope and the scale of animal intelligence. Love the quote, ""absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."
http://www.eadt.co.uk/news/suffolk_livestock_tops_fire_service_animal_rescue_list_1_1927143 Informative article on animal rescue in the UK
http://www.thehorse.com/articles/31465/barn-fires-the-veterinarians-role-aaep-2012 The veterinarian's role in barn fires. Where the vet talks about barn planning/building stages, sprinklers are not even mentioned. Why not?? It’s much easier to build a sprinkler system into a new barn than to retrofit on old one
Rebecca Gimenez is working on a portal for online training for TLAER related information and is asking everyone to contribute any pictures that they may have from REAL RESCUES (both right and wrong). Email is Delphiacres@hotmail.com If you have more than one or two, please snail mail her. Don't post on Facebook

From Vicki Schmidt: http://cfbt-us.com/wordpress/?p=1802 A lesson for firefighters on why you put the wet stuff on the red stuff
http://articles.kspr.com/2013-04-01/kevin-grizzell_38197560 Good to know if you have a horse trailer. Lock it up! Keep records in a safe place (not in the trailer!)
http://www.thehorse.com/articles/31639/treating-head-injuries-in-horses Good article to help you with head injuries in horses. Remember that we're dealing with obligate nose breathers here.

Just in time for lightning season: Laurie Loveman has lightning articles at http://www.firesafetyinbarns.com/08-lightning-1.html


I asked our experts for a question and answer for our new section, and here are the answers:

First, from Chandra Davis, our "go to" person for large exotics:
Q: HOW DO YOU MOVE A ELEPHANT? A: ASK the elephant to move. Such as " move up"
And from Eric Thompson:
Q: HOW DO YOU GET A KLEENEX TO DANCE? A: You put a little "boogie" in it.
Be careful what you ask for!

Did you know The Clouded Leopard is the smallest of the world’s big cats and believed to be an evolutionary link between big cats and small cats. Clouded Leopards live in South-East Asia, with the highest population in Borneo.


http://www.ocala.com/article/20130226/ARTICLES/130229736?p=1&tc=pg A rescue of a different kind
http://livinggreenmag.com/2012/12/17/energy-ecology/livestock-falling-ill-in-fracking-regions-raising-concerns-about-food/#IpgXvlQW8clK0hkm.99 In Louisiana, 17 cows died after an hour’s exposure to spilled fracking fluid, which is injected miles underground to crack open and release pockets of natural gas. The most likely cause of death: respiratory failure. In New Mexico, hair testing of sick cattle that grazed near well pads found petroleum residues in 54 of 56 animals. In northern central Pennsylvania, 140 cattle were exposed to fracking wastewater when an impoundment was breached. Approximately 70 cows died, and the remainder produced only 11 calves, of which three survived.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=y-sj6bAx4c4#! Do you watch rodeos? attend them? Participate in them? Did you know that they regularly kill animals? Break legs and backs of animals?
http://www.stuff.co.nz/science/8474758/Animal-intelligence-badly-underestimated Its easy to marginalize a group (in this case non-human animals) so they can be exploited. Remember back in the 1700 and 1800s we thought African Americans were sub-human (or counted as 3/5 of a "white" human)

http://www.forbes.com/sites/vickeryeckhoff/2011/11/29/racing-industry-silent-about-slaughtered-thoroughbreds/ Racing is about money and prestige. To that end, horses are raced far too young, drugged, and disposed of quickly when they lose that cachet. As long as you have factory farms mass producing horses, and a race industry that supports that, you will have a surplus of unwanted horses. It’s a no-brainer. The ONLY way to slow down the steady torrent of horses to slaughter is to make the breeders accountable. And that takes changing their breeding regulations at the Jockey Club, AQHA, and USTA level, and at the breed levels too. Racing isn't the ONLY problem industry.
http://www.riverheadlocal.com/breaking-news/9020-buyer-of-calverton-farm-shocked-to-find-15-apparently-abandoned-horses-on-the-site New owner of property finds abandoned horses


International Large Animal Rescue Conference 2013, Nov 2-3 at the U of Adelaide. Register your interest to receive further information as available:
https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AustralianLargeAnimalRescueConference2013 There will be International guest speakers and theme areas including Large Animal Rescue, Animals in Disasters, Horse Transport Safety & Welfare, Track & Event Incidents (management, transport of equine patients). One TLAER Awareness Level Course (1 day) and Two Operational Level Courses (2 days) will be run in the week before the Conference. Packages will be available. Enquiries: Julie Fiedler E: horsesa@horsesa.asn.au
Jim Green from Hampshire Fire & Rescue in the UK is booked to come to Australia for the International Large Animal Rescue Conference to share his experiences around Animal Rescue techniques, standards and training. Check out some of their work here: http://www.hantsfire.gov.uk/animalrescue . Are you signed up to attend? David King is a Deputy Controller in the Hawkesbury SES Unit (North-West of Sydney). The unit is a primary rescue unit and responsible for General Land Rescue and Vertical Rescue in and around the Hawkesbury Region. David (pictured below) will also be presenting at the LAR Conference in November.

The Down Under" Qld QHC Large Animal Rescue Roadshow is off and running!

APR 12 Gold Coast, Qld. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785.
MAY 5 Atherton, Qld. ATHRA Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785.
MAY 26 Wallumbilla, Qld. ATHRA. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785

JUN 9 Townsville, Qld. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785
JUN 23 Boonah, Qld. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785
JUL 21 Blackbutt, Qld. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785

AUG 3 Coffs Harbour, NSW. Contact Alicia August alicia_aug@me.com
AUG 25 Christchurch, NZ. QHC One-day information workshop. Contact Hayley Squance H.Squance@massey.ac.nz
AUG 29-30 Palmerston North, NZ. QHC Two-day information workshop. Contact Hayley Squance H.Squance@massey.ac.nz
SEP 1 Toowoomba, Qld. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785
SEP 9 Gold Coast, Qld. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785
SEP 29 Rockhampton, Qld. Contact Debbie Dekker president@qldhorsecouncil.com 07 5464 6785

NOV 2-3 International Large Animal Rescue Conference, University of Adelaide, South Australia


http://www.globaltoronto.com/video/donation+offered+to+help+horses+homeless+after+barn+fire/video.html?v=2354869964#stories Owner of Winfield Farms barn donates it to woman whose barn burned
http://www.sacbee.com/2013/03/28/5301067/frisky-recruit-a-standout-in-sacramento.html Sacramento PD got a new 4 footed officer

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tma8_QELjIM&feature=youtu.be Touching story

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEtN_3zd5s4&feature=em-subs_digest-vrecs For all of you who think your horse is pretty smart at doing dressage, check this out! Watch especially for the flying lead changes.

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