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May 2012 newsletter


Information on LAR and related classes, as well as speaking engagements/conferences, and requests for classes. For a complete list of classes, visit www.saveyourhorse.com/wholearn.htm

NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS: Please submit your new classes at the end of each month to be included in the next month's newsletter. I will send out a monthly notice a week or so before the newsletter is due. I would appreciate it if you would send in your class schedules, along with contact information, at that time. Thank you. ALSO: You are welcome to send in your class lists and I will send out a notice to each student inviting them to subscribe to the newsletter


Gisele Gariepy, a volunteer firefighter in the province of New Brunswick, Canada, would like to get information on holding a clinic open to the public and local fire depts. morningstaracres@gmail.com


North Strabane Fire Dept., Canonsburg, PA (Just south of Pittsburg). LAR Awareness for First Responders, and Save Your Horse! A Safety Seminar for Horse Owners. Those that attend the seminar will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the purpose of reimbursements or to forward to your equine insurance carrier. Call 724-745-1010, ext. 333 or email ed.childers@nstfd.org


TAR incorporates water and flood rescue techniques with animal behavior
LAR training by D&J Fox: www.largeanimalrescue.com
TLAER training is provided by Dr. Tomas and Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, and is available at www.tlaer.org/TLAER_Schedule.html
WASART training is provided by the Washington State Animal Rescue Team
EERU (Emergency Equine Response Unit) classes include Basic Equine Awareness and Response, Large Animal Rescue Operations, and Large Animal Ice Rescue. Schedule and information are available at http://www.code3associates.org/eeru.php


MAY 21-25 Integrated Training Summit, Nashville, TN Disaster response training includes 3 hr. BART (basic animal rescue training) sponsored by MN Homeland Security. http://www.integratedtrainingsummit.org/program/monday.php#workshop_g
JUNE 7-10 National SAR Conference, Lake Tahoe, NV http://www.nasar.org/page/25/2012-National-Search-and-Rescue-Conference/conference/1788
NOV 15-18 Dr. Rebecca Gimenez will be speaking at Equitana Australia Melbourne
DEC 11 Euthanasia Certification, Colombia, SC National Animal Control Association http://www.nacanet.org/euthanasia.html for more information.

May 11-16 Louisiana State Animal Response Team’s Advanced Animal Responder Boot Camp at LSU. For Animal Control Officers, Veterinarians, Vet Techs, and LSART Members who are willing to deploy to in-state and out of state emergencies. For more information, email lsartinfo@gmail.com or call (337) 298-1636.
MAY 23-25 TLAER Awareness/ Operations Thomasville, GA Contact Chief Chris Jones tcfd@rose.net
JUN 2-3 LARGE ANIMAL EMERGENCY RESCUE Awareness, Queensland, Australia Contact Debbi Dekker, 07 5464 6785 president@qldhorsecouncil.com NOTE: This class is a prerequisite for the fall Cairns TLAER Operations class with Rebecca Gimenez
JUN 20-22 TLAER Operations, Henrico, VA For more information, Contact 650-687-3521, ext.27, www.arec.vaes.vt.edu/middleburg
JUN 25-27 TLAER Operations, Middleburg, VA For more information, Contact 650-687-3521, ext.27, www.arec.vaes.vt.edu/middleburg
Registration info for both: http://www.arec.vaes.vt.edu/middleburg/documentation/Events/TLAER_Registration_2012.pdf

JUN 30-JUL 2 TLAER Operations, Windham, ME - Contact Michelle M. at michelle@msspa.org
JUL 5-7 TLAER Operations Prince Edward Island, Canada. Deadline: June 1st. CEUs available for vets, vet techs, and ERs. Participants and auditors are required to submit an online application and take the PEI Office of Public Safety’s Incident Command System 100 Orientation self-study exam: www.gov.pe.ca/jps/index.php3?number=1030279 Contact Dr. Erica Koch 902-393-6104, or ekoch@upei.ca
JUL 28-29 WASART Emergency Sheltering Training, Enumclaw, WA. Contact WASART Training Director, training@washingtonsart.org .

SEPT 8-9 TLAER Awareness, TLAER International Training Facility - Gray (Macon), GA Contact Dr. Rebecca Gimenez delphiacres@hotmail.com
SEPT 18-21 TLAER Operations, TEEX Training Facility, TX Contact Dr. Ben Buchanan bbuchanan@bveh.com
SEPT 24-26 TLAER Operations, Wiggins (Gulfport), MSU, MS Contact Dr. Carla Huston at Huston@cvm.msstate.edu
SEPT 28-30 TLAER Operations, Verona (Tupelo), MSU, MS Contact Dr. Carla Huston, Huston@cvm.msstate.edu
OCTOBER Reality Based Emergency Training, Ladd Farm, Bridgewater, NH Contact Kelly Patterson (803) 522-4395 kelly@kellysigler.com or Tori Miller (910) 494-8210 NC4HoovesFarm@hotmail.com
OCT 12-14 TAR, Index WA Contact Chris Jonason, info@wavetrekrescue.com 360-793-1508
OCT 2012 TLAER Awareness, 4 - various states in Australia, Contact MaryAnne Leighton maryanne-leighton@bigpond.com
OCT 20-21 TLAER Awareness, Launceston, Tasmania Contact MaryAnne Leighton maryanne-leighton@bigpond.com
OCT 27-28 TLAER Awareness, The Gordon TAFE - Geelong-Victoria, Australia Contact MaryAnne Leighton maryanne-leighton@bigpond.com
DEC 7-9 TLAER Operations, TLAER International Training Facility - Gray (Macon), GA Contact Dr. Rebecca Gimenez delphiacres@hotmail.com

THIS MONTH’S "Large Animals in the News"


Jennifer Woods and Shawn McLean were married April 7th in Kauai, HI. Unfortunately they had to cut the honeymoon short for Jennifer's 4 stop tour with Livestock Emergency Response in Ontario. Jennifer's two children attended. Lane, Shawn, Jennifer, and Ellie. Congrats, Jennifer. You are a beautiful bride!

http://www.facebook.com/groups/tlaer/10150771786841702/#!/SESSWR Check out the SES site. Aussie Power! Yeah!

Congratulations to MaryAnne Leighton’s daughter Virginia Leighton-Jackson who has just received the results of her final two university exams. She achieved a High Distinction in international relations and a Distinction in strategic management.


http://www.npr.org/2012/03/06/148021949/first-responders-trained-in-animal-rescues NPR show on TLAER training

Detroit Mounted held their 2nd annual fire drill training. “We invited engine and ladder hose to see what horses would do during a fire. Dropped a few smoke grenades in the center drain and then each of us went it to get one. We found that if you get one you have a better chance of the others following. But they all went and hid in the corner. Wanted the fire to see what they might have happen if they showed up and we were not there.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUi2Cl6ZR6Y Video of Los Angeles Fire Dept. practicing a helicopter lift
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg1FqPEH47o EKU video on lifting a horse

From our “Angel in the Maritimes”, Estelle Emond: On the weekend of the 28 and 29th of April, a small group in the maritime got together for the TLAER Awareness and Prevention course. It was such a huge success amongst the participants that together we decided to create a Response team! We are on our first weeks and already have made ourselves known! Members of the team are attending TLAER training in Maine and PEI this summer. It is a great team of volunteer, willing to help! You go, girl!

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Maritime-Large-Animal-Emergency-Response-Team/372935356092772 Please support our latest Response Team – in New Brunswick, Canada.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=modXqmEqF6s horse in tank
http://www.mersteam.org/articles/show/138 The MERS team is at it again, this time with a slideshow of the rescue of a recumbent horse
http://www.ocregister.com/news/one-352714-horses-norco.html One horse dead, 3 trapped in ravine.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=vA5g9iz48o0 Horse in water
http://www.care2.com/causes/watch-cyclists-free-mountain-goats.html Cyclists in the Alps. Where’s their Swiss Army Knife?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cah8S_-SV64&list=UUg2fVNpDTtlgTb2kWa6yxkQ&index=8&feature=plcp Another goat rescue
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3RB0t9J1w4&feature=related Check out the equipment used in this rescue of an emaciated horse by HARP
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJSh3H5MRsI&feature=related Good hearted people help horse in ditch. Count the unsafe practices.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=PxYr_OMBA-Q&feature=endscreen Why do people pull on the horse’s head to get him up? These are “horse people”? Don’t they know better?
http://www.care2.com/causes/northern-california-fishermen-free-entangled-grey-whale.html Whale rescued by fishermen. Another giant tangled in fishing net.


http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/21689083/ns/today-today_people/ Surfer rescued by dolphins
http://www.care2.com/greenliving/dolphins-help-save-dog-from-drowning.html Dog by dolphins
http://www.care2.com/greenliving/8-remarkable-animals-that-saved-peoples-lives.html?page=1 Some old; some new


Eric Thompson and his crew were called out for a cow who had calved and had been down for several days. "She was experiencing some paralysis in her back legs. She was about a half mile away from the feed pens down in pasture when she calved. When we got to her she was on her side and bloated. We were able to put her in a sternal position and she expelled gas immediately. After we relieved the bloat we were able to place her on the large animal glide and load her in the trailer. After transport to the feed pens we put a sling on her and got her upright. She still wouldn't stand, but was eating and drinking while in the sling." SEVERAL DAYS???

Also, ""Ladybug" the pig had a fight with another pig and was unable to get up on her own. She was down in an open stall so I rigged a highline and fitted her with a front chest piece harness with webbing. Since she didn't have any hips to speak of so we improvised a girth strap under the rear end and tied it into the attachment point for the haul system."


Half a million lives lost (or the population of a medium sized city). 500,000 chickens died on an egg farm near Roggen, Colorado at Moark Hatcheries. Three large buildings used to house hens were destroyed. The chickens killed in the fire produced about 250,000 eggs daily, about one eighth of Colorado’s egg production.

Firefighters not only had to contend with the blaze, but there were also limited water supplies nearby, so they had to transport water in to do their jobs. The egg farm supplies Wal-Mart and other stores in the Denver area.

Read Fire Safety on the Farm, an article quoting top fire safety expert Laurie Loveman at http://www.hobbyfarms.com/home-and-barn/farm-fire-safety.aspx "Economics aside, the emotional toll suffered, not just by owners, but by the firefighters on scene who are subjected to the screams of the dying and the smell of death, can stay with them for the rest of their lives.”

Check out Laurie Loveman’s website: http://www.firesafetyinbarns.com PLEASE install a sprinkler system in your barn!


http://www.mlive.com/news/kalamazoo/index.ssf/2012/03/friesian_stallion_extricated_f.html Rescue in Michigan. Horse ok.
http://www.wzzm13.com/news/article/207967/14/Update-Driver-identified-in-horse-accident Hit and run kills 2 horses
http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/9638427.Driver___s_horse_crash_horror/ Horse killed by car
http://www.mlive.com/news/jackson/index.ssf/2012/04/the_horse_owner_vehicle_driver.html Another hit and run
http://www.hattiesburgamerican.com/article/20120331/NEWS01/203310326/Court-review-car-horse-accident?odyssey=mod%7Cnewswell%7Ctext%7CFRONTPAGE%7Cs Horse killed by car


Nothing new


Nothing new


Tomas Gimenez has written an excellent article entitled, "The Golden Hours of Equine Emergency Rescue"
It was published in the March/April issue of The Equine Veterinarian (pg. 26) and you can read it at www.bocapublishingonline.com

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=yyngenf-Clo Trailer crashes. A wild video showing several trailers.

http://cs.thehorse.com/blogs/horse-911-whats-your-emergency/archive/2012/05/04/ensuring-trailer-floors-don-t-fail.aspx Too many horses go through the floor of their trailer. CHECK YOUR TRAILER FLOOR and read this article by Rebecca Gimenez.


LAR friend, Amigos de los Animales, led by Adrienne Galler Lastra, is a rescue in Puerto Rico trying to do the impossible. They are a few mighty warriors against animal abuse who rescue, rehab and re-home animals like the ones you see in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XnXv0hP5 .
They desperately need your help. Please send them a contribution and/or adopt a dog. http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=PR17 . http://www.amigosdelosanimalespr.org/index.php Thanks for all your good work, Adri. You’re my hero!

http://www.keepmecurrent.com/american_journal/news/state-vet-horse-deaths-unprecedented-in-maine/article_f6089ec2-9531-11e1-ae41-001a4bcf887a.html Botulism in Maine -- 23 horses have died so far.

http://www.avma.org/disaster/emergency_planning_for_veterinary_practices.asp Veterinarians, do you have an emergency plan for your veterinary practice? There's a new page on the AVMA website listing resources to assist you in developing a plan.
http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/animal_rescue/facts/safe_stalls.html The Safe Stalls/Emergency Placement Network is a nationwide network of horse industry professionals, horse rescue organizations, individual horse owners and enthusiasts, volunteers, and others offering in-kind, financial, and other resources to horses in need. Safe Stalls partners may be able to assist immediately following a rescue with needs ranging from transporting rescued horses to temporary shelter to providing food or other interim services needed during the horses' transition from the temporary shelter to a foster or adoptive home.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5ZmDkhqhW8&feature=related Cool horse video. You’ll love this guy and the rapport he has with his horses.


Nothing new


"Just a few breaths of compassion will bring armfuls of understanding and caring into any situation."
Ed and Deb Shapiro



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