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Information on LAR and related classes, as well as speaking engagements/conferences, and requests for classes.

Rhonda Bender, Animal Control/Shelter Supervisor
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
865-425-3423 wk, 865-705-2695 cell

Jennifer Woods has added the following Livestock Emergency Response classes to her schedule
April 8, Red Deer, Alberta
April 26, Livestock Incidence Response, North Carolina
May 2-3, Manitoba
June 21, Bonnyville, Alberta
Sept. 6, Lewiston, MT
Sept. 7, Polson, MT
Contact Jennifer at livestockhandling@mac.com for more information.

Kim Little has added the following class to his Technical Animal Rescue schedule
July 25-27, Frisco, CO.
Contact Kim at www.rescuetechinternational.com for more information.

Jeff Galloway has added the following classes
May 19-21, Firefighter/Emergency Responder Emergency Horse Handling & Rescue Techniques
May 22, Barn Fire Tactics & Strategies
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue,West Palm Beach,FL
Contact Jeff at www.emergencytrainingsystems.com for more information.


The National Pork Board announced the development of an emergency response network.

Jennifer Woods will be presenting a paper on commercial livestock accidents at the World Vet Congress in Vancouver, BC on July 29th. CONGRATULATIONS, JENNIFER

Jeff Galloway of Emergency Training Systems www.emergencytrainingsystems.com is planning a major 4 day Barn Fire Safety clinic in Wellington, Florida, home of the National Horse Show the second or third week in May.
At this clinic he will be filming a new barn fire safety DVD for both Emergency Responders and the equine owner. IT'S MUCH NEEDED,JEFF! CONGRATULATIONS


Charlie Anderson's son, Jerry, is carrying on Charlie's work. You can contact Jerry Floyd at CDA Products, 707-743-1300 or email him at cda@pacific.net. Jerry has a full line of horse recovery and rescue equipment besides the Anderson Sling. And the products are manufactured in the USA


Michelle Staples – Blogger! HarnessLinks in New Zealand has posted my articles on their new blog site. I'm not really sure I KNOW what a blog is, but there I am!
You can view the blog at http://saveyourhorse.harnessracingblog.com/. The articles are also on in a new "Horse Safety Articles" section. Please feel free to share them, add to them, suggest new ones.


Jennifer Woods wrote an excellent paper on livestock accidents. She really knows her stuff and we consider her to be THE expert on livestock accidents in North America. Here are some stats from her paper. If you're interested in livestock, contact Jennifer at livestockhandling@mac.com. PLEASE contact Jennifer before you use her information!

Jennifer tabulated the results of 415 commercial livestock truck accidents in Canada and the United States from between 1994 and June 2007. She collected data from Alberta (AFAC) incident reports with information coming from insurance companies, police and fire departments and trucking companies and from Google internet searches and unpublished industry sources. Driver fatigue is the leading cause of these accidents.

This study reflects the pressure that is put on our livestock haulers due to driver shortages, long hours and a very demanding job.

Results show that

  • 59% of the accidents occurred during the early morning hours from midnight to 9:00 am
  • 80% involved a single vehicle
  • Driver error was blamed for 85% of the accidents
  • In 83% of the accidents, the vehicle rolled over
  • 84% of the trucks rolled to the right
  • Only 1% of the reports identified weather conditions as the cause of the accident and the winter months did not record the highest number of accidents
  • More accidents happened in October, followed by November, August, April and May.


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