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April 2011


Information on LAR and related classes, as well as speaking engagements/conferences, and requests for classes. For a complete list of classes, visit www.saveyourhorse.com/wholearn.htm

NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS: Please submit your new classes at the end of each month to be included in the next month's newsletter. I will send out a monthly notice a week or so before the newsletter is due. I would appreciate it if you would send in your class schedules, along with contact information, at that time. Thank you. ALSO: You are welcome to send in your class lists and I will send out a notice to each student inviting them to subscribe to the newsletter



North Strabane Fire Dept., Canonsburg, PA (Just south of Pittsburg). LAR Awareness for First Responders, and Save Your Horse! A Safety Seminar for Horse Owners. Those that attend the seminar will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the purpose of reimbursements or to forward to your equine insurance carrier. Call 724-745-1010, ext. 333 or email ed.childers@nstfd.org


TAR incorporates water and flood rescue techniques with animal behavior
LAR training by D&J Fox: www.largeanimalrescue.com
TLAER training is provided by Dr. Tomas and Dr. Rebecca Gimenez, and is available at www.tlaer.org/TLAER_Schedule.html

Apr. 14-16 LAR, Midwest Horse Fair, Alliant Energy Center, Madison, WI Contact www.wshcef.org or call 608-845-6006 for more info
Apr. 16 LAR Extraction class. Tom Berryman, Instructor. West Thurston Fire. Rochester, WA. Contact: edelong@spscc.ctc.edu or 360-596-5549
Apr. 9 Trailering, Base Support, Cumberland, WA training@washingtonsart.org
May 14-15 Disaster Field Response, Wilkeson, WA training@washingtonsart.org
Apr. 2-3 TLAER Awareness Level (Location TBD), PA Contact Jennifer Holmquest jennifer.a.holmquest@boeing.com
Apr. 14-17 TLAER Operational Level with HazMat Eastern Kentucky University/USRider, Lexington, KY - Contact Beth McCoy beth.mccoy@eku.edu
Apr. 25 & 27 TLAER Awareness Level ...and...
Apr. 26 & 28 TLAER Awareness Level North Chatham VFD @ Pittsboro, NC
NOTE: The course dates are split for the convenience of shift rotations (primarily for fire and emergency services) - MUST ATTEND BOTH DAYS FOR CERTIFICATION.
April 29-May 2 TLAER Operations Level, Emergency Services Training Center, Central Carolina Community College, Sanford, NC
C.E. Credit Available through Central Carolina Comm. College for all of the above.
For General Course inquiries, information, and logistics ONLY: Contact Tori Miller NCTLAER@aol.com or Justin McLeod jmcleodncff@yahoo.com
For Registration inquiries, availibility, and information ONLY: Contact Landis Phillips ljphillips@cccc.edu Emergency Services Training Director, Central Carolina Community College. (919) 777-7779 Office // (800) 682-8353 Ext. 7779 Office // (919) 775-9409 Cell
May 5-7 TLAER Operations Level
May 11-13 TLAER Operations Level
May 16-18 TLAER Operations Level
The above classes will be held at Virginia Tech University MARE Center @ Middleburg, VA - Contact Dr. Shea Porr cporr@vt.edu

Sept. 15-16 TLAER TM Awareness Course RSPCA, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA. Contact MaryAnne Leighton www.equineER.com
Sept. 19 RSPCA NSW Conference, Dr. Rebecca Gimenez and MaryAnne Leighton speakers. Sydney, AUSTRALIA Location TBA.
Sept. 24-25 TLAER Operations, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA Contact: Anthony Hatch NSW FIRE RESCUE anthony.hatch@fire.nsw.gov.au or Sonya Hatch SES at sonlee@tpg.com.au
Sept 30 - Oct 1 TLAER Awareness, University of Adelaide, AUSTRALIA. Contact Julie Fieldler horsesa@horsesa.asn.au



http://www.deseretnews.com/article/705369268/First-Utah-class-of-certified-large-animal-rescuers-graduates.html Training course in UTAH
http://spencerdart.org/uploads/training_2.pdf MSPCA and SPENCER DART training event in June
http://www.pwcgov.org/default.aspx?topic=040061002930006390 Horse group sponsors training
http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/12/091208132359.htm Story on NC State U. Vet School that is requiring students to learn about disaster response. YEAH!
http://www.independentmail.com/news/2011/mar/04/animal-cruelty-investigation-training-completed-an/ The recent TLAER pilot course in Anderson, SC had 11 counties and 2 states represented


http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2011/02/surprising_recession_victims_h.html Overview story about mounted units losing their horses
http://newsok.com/horses-riders-calmly-trained/article/3546368 Good news on law enforcement mounted
http://www.westseattleherald.com/2011/02/07/news/seattle-police-foundation-and-public-stepping-%E2%80%9Csa People are realizing that they better support the law enforcement mounted effort
http://www.thehorse.com/ViewArticle.aspx?ID=17876 Great step forward
http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/news/neighborhoods/carroll-residents-train-horses-for-law-enforcement-departments/article_803eeed0-4064-11e0-a988-001cc4c002e0.html Who knew there was a job like this? Cool story....
http://www.horseandcountry.tv/news/2011/02/22/rspca-pioneer-animal-rescue-standards NATIONAL STANDARDS IN THE UK - WOW


http://blog.al.com/breaking/2011/02/huntsville_veterinarian_dies_a.html Vet falls off horse and dies
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-12649748 Girl kicked in the head by horse, dies

This month's

"Large Animals in the News"


http://www.santamariatimes.com/news/local/article_8e4d30a2-55dd-11e0-acb7-001cc4c002e0.html Horse trapped in San Luis Obispo, rescued
http://www.ksby.com/news/horse-dies-overnight-after-dramatic-rescue-in-arroyo-grande/... and then he died
http://www.jacksons-security.co.uk/News/access-control-systems/horse-rescued-from-security-fencing-1241.aspx UK horse rescued stuck in a fence
http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/12003844245974/horse-named-trouble-rescued-from-pool Horse falls into pool - nice pics of the rescue
http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/Horse-freed-from-muddy-mess-in-Garland-118306274.html Horse in mud rescued TX
http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/news/2011/03/030.shtml Horse trapped in snow....used a trench to rescue it
http://www.latimes.com/wreg-cowboy-horse-rescue-story,0,5958252.story Cowboys help rescue a ”carriage” horse in drain
http://www.news1130.com/news/local/article/180394--abbotsford-firefighers-rescue-horse Firefighters get a horse out of a fence
http://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2011/02/22/firemen-in-much-wenlock-horse-rescue/ Another lift of a horse
http://www.wscountytimes.co.uk/news/audio-and-visual/video-newsreports/elderly_horse_rescued_by_firefighters_1_2418692 Elderly horse assisted by firefighters
http://missoulian.com/news/state-and-regional/article_3f729d40-41e8-11e0-87d5-001cc4c03286.html Pregnant horse trapped in pond very hypothermic
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-12515703 Horse trapped in cattle grid
http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/8807188.Firefighters_in_four_hour_fight_to_save_horse/ Horse stuck in mud
http://www.boston.com/news/local/breaking_news/2011/03/andover_firefig.html Horse slips on the ice, rescued in Andover, MASS
http://www.horsemart.co.uk/news/fire_crew_rescue_horse_from_river_loddon/2335 Horse rescued in the UK from a river - after the trailer went into the river
http://www.timesofmalta.com/articles/view/20110317/local/escaped-horse-canters-to-its-death Horse got loose - fell onto rocks and died before rescuers got there, Malta
http://www.burnleycitizen.co.uk/news/pendle/8918144.Horse_rescued_after_trapping_all_four_legs_in_Pendle_fence/ Horse trapped in gate/fence released in UK
http://www.wafb.com/Global/story.asp?S=14072997 KAYAKS rescue a calf... pretty cool... no pun intended...
http://www.wfaa.com/news/entertainment/pets/It-took-hours-to-rescue-horse-stuck-in-Garland-muck-118336564.html Used the saddle as a surcingle.... otherwise could use some help
http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/news/2011/02/126.shtml person and horse in the water in AZ - good video


http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingnews/Firefighters-battline-barn-blaze-117075418.html Barn fire - with video
http://www.lex18.com/news/twenty-horses-die-in-fire Horses die in fire
http://blog.cleveland.com/newssun/2011/03/brook_park_firefighters_rescue.html Flood season is starting. MOVE THE BARN!!! This is an IQ test and these people failed.
http://www.ssentinel.com/index.php/news/article/fire_destroys_800_acres_horse_barn/ Horse people with a PLAN for wild land fire... moved all the horses.


http://www.choteauacantha.com/articles/2011/03/23/news/doc4d88bb252c334899886806.txt Horse trailer wreck
http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/man-dead-and-woman-left-critically-injured-in-crash-15112919.html horse trailer wreck
http://www.therecord.com/news/local/article/506357--small-truck-hauling-cattle-crashes-north-of-elmira Cattle in truck that crashed
http://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/story/2011/03/18/cavalry-to-the-rescue-flood-cattle-rockhampton trying to move 400 cattle with helicopters
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-12412514 Horse cut out of a trailer


http://www.delmarvanow.com/article/20110305/ESN01/103050307/Suspect-ID-d-in-death-of-Assateague-horse?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Eastern+Shore+News|s Forensic veterinary work into a horse shot in island


Nothing here right now.


If there are websites you wish to see here, please let us know!



1. Learning about LAR can save your horse’s life someday
2. It teaches you ways to provide protection for your horse that is empowering to you
3. Working with emergency responders opens up a whole new world of expertise and equipment.
4. It changes the way emergency agencies view animals and their rescue
5. It expands veterinarians’ knowledge about emergency response that is outside their training and comfort level

LAR is not the most expensive tool in your equine tool box, but it IS the most important!


Willie Nelson released a song in aid of mustangs. Read the article and watch the video that documents the common abuses of the BLM roundups. Remember, the BLM is trying its best to eradicate the Mustang from public lands – land that you and I own. Instead they want to hand it over to cattlemen to graze their cattle for little or no payment. http://www.care2.com/greenliving/willie-nelson-releases-song-for-horses.html

Elderly circus elephant routinely beaten and chained. When is this sort of casual violence going to end?

Animal cruelty investigation training completed in Anderson. Anderson Independent Mail
Gimenez is president of Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training. People usually travel to the group's instructors for training sessions:

"We at TLAER, Inc. have noticed in the last couple of years that many of the technical rescues that are being conducted both nationally and internationally to assist large animals are occurring in older, geriatric victims. Unfortunately - some of these victims are victims of another situation - neglect, abuse, or the sheer unwillingness of the owner to put the animal down when it's time has come. Specifically, an overwhelming number of animals in mud and ditch rescues are geriatric, and many of them are low body condition scores or have other neglect signs (chronic founder, etc.) These animals require swift medical intervention both for the chronic conditions as well as for the acute issues of the technical rescue attempt.

In light of this ever evolving animal welfare concern - we in association with PEARL, Inc. (http://www.equinerescuesc.org/) have started offering short 2 day workshops for animal control officers and law enforcement that are more local - featuring their local prosecutors and other personnel with large animal expertise speaking as well as highly qualified instructors sharing a basic foundation of cruelty investigations knowledge. it is our hope that it will provide these law enforcement professionals with more tools to perform their jobs, and encourage them to pursue higher certifications in this area.

We hope that other areas globally will make note of large animal condition while victims are being assisted in TLAER scenarios, and REPORT suspected abuse, neglect and possible cruelty cases to their local veterinarians and animal control officers, who have a sworn duty to report it and investigate.”
For further information on the program, contact Dr. Rebecca Gimenez at delphiacres@hotmail.com

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1369123/Left-starve-Native-Americans-round-700-horses-abandoned-bankrupt-rancher.html?ito=feeds-newsxml Finally rounded up ALL the horses.... SEVEN HUNDRED of them!


Weigh in on the debate – what does riding in a horse drawn carriage in the middle of New York City say about you?

http://www.care2.com/causes/animal-welfare/blog/retired-racehorses-starve-after-famous-charity-fails-them/ Retired racehorses at risk

MORE MUSTANGS: To draw attention to the plight of these historic and beautiful animals, award-winning filmmaker and wild horse activist, James Anaquad-Kleinert recently released a star-studded documentary called Wild Horses & Renegades that examines the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) controversial policies on public lands, and the systematic elimination of America's wild horses and burros. Internationally-acclaimed band U2 lent their support to the film with the re-release of one of their best songs, "Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses".

"If the public could view what's being done to wild horses, the public would stand up and take action, this is just not a film about America's Wild Horses this is a film about what is happening to America itself!" states Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves.

Since 2001, the BLM has removed more than 90,000 wild horses off their federally protected land. More than 24 million acres have been withdrawn from wild horse and burro use despite the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act. 40,000 wild horses are currently in government holding facilities instead of roaming on the land designated for their use. The BLM's roundup and removal policy is leading to the extinction of wild horses and burros in the West. This costs the American taxpayer $120,000 per day. The film shows mustangs being shipped to Mexico for slaughter.

To learn more about the film and how to help save America's wild horses and burros, please visit: theamericanwildhorse.com watch the film at http://vimeo.com/19153806. This is our heritage the government is killing.




LAR is gaining momentum in Australia with the imminent arrival of 'Bruce' the training mannequin who is due to arrive in time for the Australian Veterinary Association annual conference in May. 'Bruce', who was purchased by Equine Veterinarians Australia with funds donated by two drug companies, will assist Anthony Hatch during a brief introduction to LAR to equine vets at a workshop during the AVA conference. The following day, Anthony and Bruce will conduct brief introduction to LAR sessions for horse owners and event organisers at Adelaide Show grounds. Please contact Julie Fiedler at HorseSA if you wish to attend horsesa@horsesa.acn.au

MaryAnne Leighton and Rebecca Gimenez will discuss LAR techniques at the RSPCA NSW annual conference on 21-22 September. While she is in Australia, Rebecca will conduct two-day awareness training courses in Brisbane on 15-16 September and Adelaide on 30 September-1 October and she will observe at a two-day course for SES volunteers to be conducted by Anthony Hatch on 24-25 September at Hawkesbury SES. Further dates are to be confirmed. For details of all training events go to www.equineER.com

To find out more about Technical Large Animal Rescue (removing animals from entrapment) go to www.saveyourhorse.com for North America; http://saferhorserescues.com for the UK; and www.equineER.com for AUS. The saveyourhorse.com site has lists of classes, products, safety articles, links. Sign up for the free monthly newsletter.



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