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February 2010


Information on LAR and related classes, as well as speaking engagements/conferences, and requests for classes. For a complete list of classes, visit www.saveyourhorse.com/wholearn.htm

NOTE TO INSTRUCTORS: Please submit your new classes at the end of each month to be included in the next month's newsletter. ALSO: You are welcome to send in your class lists and I will send out a notice to each student inviting them to subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you.


This is a repeat of a request from last year. No one has contacted Lorraine yet.

"If anybody is going to be in my area, Salisbury, Maryland, I would be interested in hearing from them about a class."

Lorraine@Horse Lovers United Inc boxwood3684@comcast.net


Ongoing classes North Strabane Fire Dept, Canonsburg, PA (Just south of Pittsburg) LAR Awareness for First Responders and Save Your Horse! A Safety Seminar for Horse Owners. Those that attend the seminar will receive a Certificate of Attendance for the purpose of reimbursements or to forward on to your equine insurance carrier. Call 724-745-1010, ext. 333, or email ed.childers@nstfd.org

May 1-2 TLAER Awareness Level , Hope Mills / Parkton, NC. This class was formerly listed as taking place in Northumberland, NC. Contact Tori Miller, (910) 494-8210 NCTLAER@aol.com

March 5 LAR . Caledon Equine Hospital, Caledon, ON Canada, Jennifer Woods, instructor http://caledonequine.com/equine_rescue_certification_course sign up online admin@caledonequine.com

March 6 Trailer Safety. Caledon Equine Hospital, Caledon, ON Canada, Jennifer Woods, instructor http://caledonequine.com/horse_hauling_certification_course sign up online admin@caledonequine.com

Feb.15 large animal ice class, Overland Park FD, Overland Park, KS.

Feb 16 large animal ice class, Overland Park FD, Overland Park, KS.

Feb 17 large animal ice class, Overland Park FD, Overland Park, KS.

Feb. 20 Wisconsin Horse Council seminar (TLAER Awareness) University of Wisconsin, Madison WI

Feb 27 Wichita, KS, Animal Decontamination class and table-top exercise for Kansas Emergency Management

Mar 7 Topeka, KS, Animal Decontamination class and table-top exercise for Kansas Emergency Management

Mar 21 Russell, KS, Animal Decontamination class and table-top exercise for Kansas Emergency Management

Mar 27 TLAER Awareness class Iowa State University
Contact Eric Thompson for details on the above classes. Open to all. www.eeru.org asarcode3@yahoo.comSTORIES AND NEWS


Ed Childers from North Strabane Fire in PA reported the following rescues. His dept. has been really busy because of the recent snow storms.

1st rescue: A horse down in a snowy pasture. A 30+yo mare with no strength. The vet was onscene and expected to lose the mare. Inclement weather was scheduled to come in and it was getting dark. Ed's team arrived and, using a 4:1 and strap and the help of two other fire departments, did a low angle pull on her through the pasture up to the barn. They took it really easy because of age of the mare. They built up area with hay at the barn to help slide her. Once at the barn they started feeding her then pulled her front legs out and picked her up. The mare walked into barn on her own. Success!

2nd rescue: A snowbound farmer with 80 cattle needed help getting through 5+ foot snow. Ed's team cleared a path. The farmer lost 5 cows but got feed to the remaining cows.

3rd rescue: A report of 3 horses falling through ice in Canton Township. Horses self rescued.


UPDATE ON HAITI: There are so many links documenting the earthquakes and recovery in Haiti -- and I haven't gotten any recently -- that I decided not to list them. You can go to HSUS or AVMA or VMAT to get the latest info. One bit of info sent in by Rebecca: DATA: It is estimated that there were 5,925 poultry, 1,450,000 cattle, 1,900,000 goats, 500,000 horses, 80,000 mules, 1 million pigs and 153,000 sheep before the earthquake, according to most recent data from the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization. **************

Jennifer Woods is working on three new projects including a horse hauling course. ***********

Written by Dick Pritchett Ohatchee, Alabama, edited from Western Mule News, submitted by Craig Waldron. Thanks, Craig!!

I was feeding my horses and mules one night and noticed that my mule, Ruth, was not there for her hay. This is quite unusual, so when I finished with the hay, I hopped in my Kubota to find Ruth. She, along with the others, were on 35-40 acres that includes about a ten acre pasture that I leased to a quarry company. It has been noted to have a few sink holes appear and the company always repairs them.

At the last pasture I saw the first sink hole. My heart sank. I saw the second and third, and fourth. It looked as though several bombs had been dropped on my pasture.

I searched more holes with no luck. I then saw a monster hole around ten feet wide and crawled over to look down. To my surprise it went around 60 feet into the earth. I have lived on this farm for 45 years and had never seen such a hole. I spent about five minutes looking but no Ruth.

I then crawled back to a smaller hole and I heard something -- suddenly Ruth appeared at the hole. I couldn’t believe it. She raised her head almost at ground level. I crawled closer to the edge and I saw a room about ten feet below the three foot opening. How in the world did a mule that big fall thought a three foot opening? She appeared unhurt.

I went back to the barn, got a 5 gal bucket of water, some grain and hay, and a big long rope. I put the food and water in the hole and got my flashlight and began to shine it all over her body; for the life of me I couldn’t even find a scratch. I hopped into the Kubota and headed to the house.

I just had sent a couple of reserves who were interested in large animal rescue to a class in Lexington, KY a few months back to a attend a special vet clinic on such rescues. I contacted Craig and Susan Waldron, the couple in our Mounted unit that attended the rescue clinic. When I told them of my problem they loaded their special gear and generators and headed to the farm. I sent my wife, Sherron, across the road to seek help from our neighbor, Gene.

Gene called four men and brought a backhoe. They started the back hoe about 15 yards from the hole and worked toward Ruth. I ran to the barn and closed all the gates and picked up a long cotton rope with a snap hook. The backhoe was almost to the hole when I returned with the rope and Ruth was still cool as a cucumber. I gathered the rope and was helped into the trench where I hooked the rope to her halter. I threw the end up to the ground level and Craig moved to the end of the trench.

I got out of the hole and started trying to get Ruth up and going. She was going to have to jump about three or four feet up into the trench made for her to escape. She refused to come forward. Susan teased her with some grain and she liked the idea and jumped the first hurdle. Everyone cheered and Ruth got braver with more grain pitched toward her. She jumped the last few feet and headed up the trench. My heart was pumping like 99 cent gas as Ruth climbed the last ten feet of the dirt trench. Everyone cheered and Ruth’s eyes began to widen. The white began to show. We had about five pickup lights shined on her and she began to frighten a bit. I asked Craig and Susan to watch her as I walked her back and forth in the lights. She appeared to be unhurt. I walked her to the top of the hill and she wanted to join her friends. Craig reminded me not to take off the snap until I had her on the other side of the gate. She then calmly trotted off to join her friends.

The missing mule was found and delivered. The crew of six quarry members, Sherron, and the Waldrons reunited at our barn to celebrate the rescue. Crag and Susan stated it was the perfect rescue. God knows it was.


This month's "Large Animals in the News" I apologize for not sorting through these. I'll have more time next month, I hope!


http://www.businessweek.com/ap/financialnews/D9DK4POO2.htm 20 million animals feared to to die this week in Mongolia due to horrific freeze


The National Animal Identification System has been killed off this week by USDA for lack of support and funding http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/northern_ireland/8484113.stm UK innvestigates cattle (4th case in a year) abuse and neglect - animals found starving...

http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2010/02/09/186715_gold-coast-news.html An update on the gold coast flooding - 12 horses lost to flooding and several others found dead.

http://archives.chicagotribune.com/2010/jan/30/health/chi-ap-in-animalskilled-fir Another barn fire - multiple losses...

http://www.azfamily.com/news/Horse-killed-when-trailer-rolls-in-Wittmann-83643392.html Trailer wreck - a horse killed...

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/8475548.stm A new idea - insuring animals using satellite imagery to back up claims on huge farms and tracks

http://www.ktvu.com/news/22477684/detail.html#COMMENTTOP Horse falls from trailer on highway in Texas

http://hollisterfreelance.com/news/263021-new-equine-unit-rescues-horse-stuck-in-mud Horse saved from mud...

http://www.mountvernonnews.com/local/10/01/25/24-horses-perish-in-morrow-county-barn-fire Barn fire - you gotta read this one - brand new barn and sounds like they did everything wrong - accessibility issues, alarm nonexistent, etc. Horses already dead by the time the FD showed up

http://www.eveningstar.co.uk/content/eveningstar/news/story.aspx?brand=ESTOnline&category=NewsRegional&tBrand=ESTOnline&tCategory=xDefault&itemid=IPED23%20Jan%202010%2014%3A55%3A52%3A523 Rescue using the strop guide....UK....


Another UK mud rescue... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/devon/8501511.stm A ditch rescue... UK...if it takes three hours - it was NOT a specialist rescue team...


http://www.horseyard.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=157388&Itemid=145 An australian flood situation - horse euthanized when it got under a stairwell (fell thru?)

http://www.leader-vindicator.com/site/news.cfm?newsid=20404828&BRD=2758&PAG=461&dept_id=572984&rfi=6 Horse that was rescued from a freezing wet ditch eventually dies... touching story...

http://www.enterprisenewspapers.com/article/20100117/NEWS01/701179852/0/ETPZoneLT Horse rescued out of a log jam...

http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/287096 More opinion on the dog rescued from the LA river (by the firefighter who was severely bitten) very interesting....

http://www.dailynews.com/opinions/ci_14291263 Opinion on the value of animals versus budgeting for rescues...

http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/397/293843.html Rollup of numerous snow rescues - some successful, some not. And human rescue when they were trying to rescue on their own.

http://calgary.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20100123/CGY_fatal_qe2_012310/20100123/?hub=CalgaryHome Canada - horse survives crash - not so good for the people.

http://www2.hickoryrecord.com/content/2010/jan/26/rivers-jump-banks-flood-homes-and-land/ Flooding impacts livestock...

http://www2.hernandotoday.com/content/2010/feb/01/fire-destroys-horse-barn/ Another barn fire - no horses in barn

http://www.myfoxhouston.com/dpp/news/local/100202-barn-fire-horse-death Another barn fire - possible arson

http://www.wvnstv.com/story.cfm?func=viewstory&storyid=74624 FD responds to horse in pond - but it was out by the time they arrived...

http://www.sgvtribune.com/living/ci_14335074 Story about the Temple Grandin HBO special...

http://www.times-news.com/local/local_story_037160939.html Partial barn collapse - dairy barn...

http://www.stuff.co.nz/taranaki-daily-news/news/3305382/Stock-die-after-truck-and-trailer-roll-blocks-road Cattle trailer rolls in AU - several animals escape, others shot for injuries.




http://www.justnews.com/traffic/22507618/detail.html# Livestock trailer wreck in Florida...man killed...over 100 animals killed - many dead goats, chickens, pigs, cattle, other animals loose - what a nightmare with over 100 loose animals still to be captured

http://www.masslive.com/hampfrank/republican/index.ssf?/base/news-24/1262852212311080.xml&coll=1 FF help horse get up that can't move

http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/22144155/detail.html Follow up on the guy that dragged a horse.

http://www.decaturdaily.com/detail/50912.html Comment on using interior and exterior doors on barns...

http://www.nwcn.com/news/oregon/Horse-stuck-in-Ore-creek-rescued-by-firefighters-80815672.html Video on pony in slippery creek...FF in bunker gear IN THE WATER

http://www.jg-tc.com/articles/2010/01/06/news/doc4b45656d77e35188308746.txt barn fire

Semi Truck Crash on I90 http://www.keloland.com/News/NewsDetail6371.cfm?Id=96467

one cow killed - barn collapse http://www.dailyamerican.com/articles/2010/02/11/news/local/news197.txt

Cattle trailer overturned, entrapped http://www.thisiswesternmorningnews.co.uk/news/A30-closed-cows-trapped-trailer/article-1823276-detail/article.html

Horse killed in hit and run http://www.horsetalk.co.nz/news/2010/02/064.shtml

Horse trailer wreck http://www.abc15.com/content/news/westvalley/suncity/story/2-horses-rescued-1-killed-when-trailer-flips-in/GXD_fXgJqEawj25vp9Lerg.cspx

WITTMANN, AZ – Crews rescued two horses, but a third was killed after a trailer flipped in a west Valley accident Friday morning. The crash occurred in the area of Grand Avenue and Patton Road around 8 a.m.

John Klidas with the Surprise Fire Department said a pickup was pulling a trailer with three horses when the trailer became detached and rolled into the median. Two of the horses survived the crash.

Air15 video showed a trailer on its side in the dirt area between the roadways. Fire crews were seen walking two horses out of the trailer. No people were injured during the wreck, according to Klidas. The driver and owner of the horses, Butch Terrell, said he has had the horses for a long time. Owner of horses in deadly wreck talks about the accident "One was 27, one was 20 and one was 7," Terrell said. “Two of them I had a long time. One I had forever. She survived actually, the oldest one." It is unclear which horse was killed during the accident. “The hitch broke on the motor home so it detached the trailer," Terrell said. "I felt it [the trailer] jerk a little bit. Of course I hit the brakes, but it see-sawed a couple of times, detached, and broke the safety chains. I said 'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,' praying that it wouldn't kill the horses. So I guess He was two-thirds successful, so it could have been worse."

26 people killed by wild animals in Moz

By Fred Katerere Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Wild animals in Mozambique’s northwestern Tete province killed at least 26 people and seriously injured 12 others last year, Radio Mozambique reported citing unidentified officials in the Agriculture Ministry. Most of the people were killed by crocodiles and hippos as they tried to cross or fetch water from rivers, the Maputo-based broadcaster said. The department has killed some of the “problem animals,” it said. To contact the editor responsible for this story: Athol Bolleurs at +27-11-286-1933 or abolleurs@bloomberg.net

Pig Barn burns - all animals expire


stories related to the animal trailer crash on US 27 in Florida this week... http://news.google.com/news/more?pz=1&cf=all&ned=us&cf=all&ncl=dCl86JBTLhNeg5Mg16yDcvE81AJRM http://www.newyorkinjurynews.com/2010/02/11/Overturned-livestock-trailer-struck-by-18-wheeler-1-person-100-animals-dead_201002112426.html

Pony survives, horse dies icy pond http://www.wtov9.com/news/22547354/detail.html

Horse running at large, hit by car, dies http://www.journaltimes.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/article_7e255042-07e1-11df-8126-001cc4c03286.html

Horse saved from pool in UK http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/essex/8509940.stm

Snow crushed barn with 4 horses in it http://www2.wsls.com/sls/news/local/article/barn_collapses_on_horse_in_alleghany_county/80462/

Horse falls down well - success! With video! http://foothillsmediagroup.com/articles/2010/01/29/litchfield/news/doc4b63501167e09808933994.txt

LITCHFIELD — Rescue workers were able to rescue a horse which had fallen into a Litchfield well earlier this afternoon. Firefighters from the Litchfield Fire Company, as well as workers from Lee’s Riding Stable worked for about 25 minutes to free the equine. A ladder truck as well as a rescue vehicle from Litchfield responded to the scene at 57 East Litchfield Rd. Workers managed to pull the animal from the well using a harness and a tractor. According to a Lee’s Riding Stable worker, the horse is a younger animal and was probably curious of the covered well. The building is covered by a shack like building, and the horse broke the building apart and fell in the well. Veterinarians were called to the scene and are currently aiding the animal. The female horse only suffered minor injuries and is doing much better now that she is in the care of the vet.


Nothing new here


Nothing new here


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OUR SOCIETY AT LARGE(and other miscellaneous stuff)

I'm working on the 4th edition of "Save Your Horse! A Horse Owner's Guide to Large Animal Rescue" . Anyone who has suggestions, comments, or advertising, please contact me at info@redjeansink.com Thanks. This will be an EXTREME MAKEOVER, BOOK EDITION. Michelle


The newsletter now has over 200 members! If you are an instructor, you're welcome to send in your class lists and I'll send out an invitation to subscribe to all your students. If you're a reader, please feel free to contribute. We all welcome your insights, questions, requests for information, and interest.


This month we are featuring Eric Thompson. Eric is the founder of EERU (Emergency Equine Response Unit) in Kansas -- and works tirelessly to aid large animals in the Midwest.

Eric’s plan was to become a wildlife biologist and while in college worked for Kansas Wildlife and Parks. After he graduated in 1995, he became a law enforcement officer in the Kansas City area, but found he liked working with animals far more than with people. His police department created a Community Service Officer position that did both Police work and Animal Control work. After working several small and large animal rescues without any training or equipment, he began searching for a better way of doing things in the late 90's.

In 2000, he trained with Code 3 Associates in Colorado to learn technical animal rescue for small animals and that was when the rescue "bug" bit him. He realized there actually were people out there that knew how to bring a professional and safe response to an animal related emergency. In 2001 he met Allan Schwartz who was also a responder for Code 3, in addition to running Days End Farm, and through Allan, he met Tomas and Rebecca Gimenez.

In 2002, Tomas and Rebecca held a large animal class at the Kentucky Horse Park. The problem was Eric was also President of the Kansas Animal Control Association and the LAR class was the same time as their annual conference. So he attended the first day of the KACA conference then drove 9 hours to the horse park, slept in his truck a few hours, attended the one day LAR introduction course, then drove back to KC that night and closed the KACA conference the next day. He was hooked! Tomas and Rebecca had inspired him to take a good look to available resources in the Midwest, and there were very few.

In 2004 Eric started a non-profit organization named the Emergency Equine Response Unit (EERU) to provide large animal response to the Kansas City metro area. He took out a second mortgage on his house, and bought the truck, trailer, and equipment needed to provide the service. EERU took off and had about 20 responses the first year. Between response and promoting the team, it was almost a full time job.

Eric then started to explore bringing TLAR to the Midwest. With John and Deb Fox working on the West Coast, and Tomas and Rebecca mainly teaching on the East Coast, there was no teaching entity based in the Midwest. He contacted the Foxes and the Gimenezes and asked them if he could teach an "introduction" to LAR class through EERU which entailed a one-day class promoting the advanced classes taught by the Foxes and Gimenezes. Together they built the Basic Equine Awareness and Rescue (BEAR) class which was an orientation for LAR, hoping to spur a greater interest in the technical animal rescue field.

It wasn't until after Hurricane Katrina that interest in animal rescue really took off. Eric started teaching a few BEAR classes every year in addition to team response. Graduates then went on to learn advanced LAR techniques from the Foxes and the Gimenezes. As folks figured out there was LAR training available in the Midwest, EERU grew into a sustainable non-profit.

Eric has taught classes all over the Midwest, including to the Houston Animal Cops crew in 2008. In addition, he is now the Midwest Regional Team Leader for Code 3 Associates and so has resources and training for small animals and exotics, in addition to large animals.

Eric says, “I always look back on my journey and scratch my head wondering how the heck I got here. I could never have planned it. But as you know, we are each only a small portion of the large animal world. I feel just as much pride recommending other instructors now as when I provide the program myself.”

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