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Information on LAR and related classes, as well as speaking engagements/conferences, and requests for classes. For a complete list of classes, visit www.saveyourhorse.com/wholearn.htm

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Ongoing classes. North Strabane Fire Dept, Canonsburg, PA (Just south of Pittsburg) Save Your Horse! A Safety Seminar for Horse Owners. Call 724-745-1010, ext. 333, or email ed.childers@nstfd.org with any questions www.nstfd.org Ed Childers has designed a new brochure. You can dowload it off the NSTFD website. The class is very reasonably priced -- just $29.95 -- every horse owner, veterinarian, horse industry worker, and emergency responder within driving distance of Pittsburg should take this class! Please help Ed spread the word by posting the brochure at feed stores, colleges, horse groups, and stables in your area. Next class Saturday afternoon, October 17.

Nov. 12. Equine and Barn Emergency Seminar. Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, PA FREE TO PUBLIC! One hour seminar presented by Ed Childers, North Strabane Township FD Contact Dr. Veronica Ent veronica.ent@email.stvincent.edu 724-805-2096.

The following are TLAER classes, taught by Drs. Gimenez

Oct. 16-17 TLAER Awareness Level, Brazos Valley Equine Hospital Navosota, Texas - Contact Dr. Ben Buchanan benrice@gmail.com subject=TLAER Course
Oct. 27-28 TLAER Awareness Level Georgia Department of Agriculture Mansfield, Georgia - Contact Robin Easley reasley@agr.state.ga.us
Nov. 13-15 TLAER Operational Level, Louisiana State University, Louisiana - Rebecca McConnico mcconnico@vetmed.lsu.edu subject=TLAER Course
Nov. 20-22 TLAER Operational Level Goucher College Baltimore, Maryland - Dr. Rachel Westerland mdeq@verizon.net subject=TLAER Course

2010 Mar. 22-24 TLAER Operational Level Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky
Mar. 25 Hazmat Course, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky
Mar. 26-28 Operational Level, Eastern Kentucky University, Kentucky ***Open to EKU Students only***
Apr. 9-10 Awareness Level Otterbein College, Ohio - Contact Dr. M. Calderone, mcalderone@otterbein.edu
May 12-14 Operational Level, Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center Virginia Tech, Middleburg, Virginia - Contact Shea Porr, cporr@vt.edu subject=Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training
May 17-19 Operational Level, Middleburg Agricultural Research and Extension Center Virginia Tech, Virginia Beach, Virginia - Contact Shea Porr, cporr@vt.edu subject=Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue Training

The following are LAR classes, taught by the Foxes Oct. 17-19 Monterey CA, Monterey SPCA facility Contact: John and Deb Fox at tlar@got.net or Judi Adams at JAdams@spcamc.org
Oct. 23-26 New River, AZ, Daisy Mountain Fire Station 141, Contact; Soleil Dolce, soleil@azequinerescue.org
Nov. 6 -9 Tucson, AZ Facility to be determined Contact: Cyndi McLemore horsenaroundX55@q.com

2010 April Felton, CA, Felton Fire Protection District, Contact: John and Deb Fox at tlar@got.net May Pueblo, CO Contact; Julie Justman jjustman@hsppr.org


From Jennifer Woods:
www.goshowhorse.com Ronnie and Vickie Kent were traveling in their motorhome on their way to Santa Barbara late Friday night/Saturday morning, when their trailer hitch broke free in Big Spring, Texas. 2009 Select World Champion, Wonit Ona RV Version, died in the accident.

The 2001 bay gelding by Good Version x Ill Be Dun Won was bred and raised by the Kents. The 2008 AQHA High Point Amateur horse had just been crowned the 2009 Select World Champion in Showmanship and was also Reserve World Champion in Performance Halter Geldings.

The Kentís other horse, Ill Be RV Radical, also a 2009 Select World Champion, survived the accident but suffered severe lacerations. Trainer Robin Frid received a call from the Kent's at 1:09 a.m. informing him of the accident. After local vets treated "BeBe," Frid transported her to Dr. Cliff Honnasí clinic in Bryan, north of College Station, for evaluation.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) ó Authorities say a 3-year-old horse was critically injured when it was dragged down the road in Independence County. The man driving the truck has been arrested for driving while intoxicated and Humane Society officials want him also charged with animal cruelty. Deputies arrested 49-year-old Danny Ferguson on Saturday and say he told them he was "looking for his horsey."

Kay Simpson with the Humane Society says the horse fell out of a trailer with a rope tied around its neck and was dragged. Veterinarian Teresa Medlock compares the injuries to third-degree burns. It also has two broken ribs, three injured legs and swelling. Animal cruelty charges have not been filed - but deputies say they are not finished investigating the incident.

rimoftheworld.net California. CHP Releases details of head on accident on highway 18 The driver of the the 1997 Ford Explorer that struck a 2002 GMC 2500 extended cap pick-up head-on has been identified as 34-year-old Andres Covarrubias from Fontana, according to the CHP. The GMC pulling the horse trailer was driven by 43-year-old Karl Bauerschmidt from Crestline who was driving westbound on Highway 18 at about 9:20 p.m. Covarrubias was driving eastbound and allegedly drove left over the double yellow line, colliding head-on with the pick-up, causing major damage to both vehicles and Bauerschmidt's trailer. As a result of the collision, according to a CHP media advisory, the three horses in the trailer died on scene. The accident is still under investigation by the CHP. However, officer Alan Stevens' initial investigation reported the weather at the time of the accident was clear.

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The American Veterinary Medical Association has a free 400+page document on disaster response. Download it, or order a CD at www.avma.org/disaster/default.asp#responseguide




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OUR SOCIETY AT LARGE(and other miscellaneous stuff)

Cpl. Mike Morrow has just retired after almost 32 years with the Tampa Police Department. The development of the Fl. State Law for the Protection of Law Enforcement Animals was originated by Cpl. Morrow and his family of law enforcement mounted officers. He will continue as a reserve mounted officer for the department and a trainer for both the department and available for any agency that would like the assistance. The mounted unit's four-legged public servants and their partners have been deployed to hurricane-damaged areas throughout the south. They will continue to train with the other units in the state so all will be prepared for any future calling that requires their services.

Mike's team just finished training St. Petersberg Police Department and last week was the first time their new mounted unit hit the street. So we hope to keep the trend going puting more horses into a life of public service. Way to go, Mike!



Times are tough, so use your holiday shopping money for items that will help, not just entertain. For the horse owner on your list, give the gift that keeps on saving -- lives, that is. A LAR book for trailer or stable could help a horse in trouble. And it's fun reading too! Your local rescue group could probably use some gear; anything from webbing to rescue glides would be appreciated. If funds are short, why not show your appreciation to your local emergency responders by teaching them about horses so they will be comfortable being around them in an emergency. Your local horse group might appreciate your thoughtfulness when you teach them about LAR, barn and trailer safety. Visit www.redjeansink.com and www.saveyourhorse.com There you will find links to trainers and suppliers of equipment, as well as books and classes.

If you are ready for emergencies, how about disasters? A thoughtful and inexpensive gift for the horse owner is a disaster kit for their horse. Fill a Rubbermaid tub with cotton rope halter and lead, mare collar or other method of identification, small towel, small first aid kit, hoof pick and folding knife, headband flashlight, an emergency blanket (Mylar) or trash bags, download ID and Release from Liability forms and tuck into a Ziplock baggie along with a handful of change, some paper and pen or Sharpie -- and a copy of It's a Disaster! from www.fedhealth.net. Get a big enough container that there will be room to add other, personal items.

Sometimes the news items can be overwhelmingly sad. So, here's a story to warm your heart!

From The Horse.com

Perfect fall weather found 38-year-old Elmer Bandit completing both days of the Stephens Forest Competitive Trail event near Lucas, Iowa, this past weekend. The event added 40 miles to the gray, half-Arabian's record mileage, which now stands at 20,780 miles. Go Elmer!

JUST IN!!!! I realize this is a bit late for most of you, but if you live in the area and are interested in the subject, you may be able to attend.

If you are interested in mounted shooting here in Florida this meeting may be something you would like to attend. This meeting will be to discuss where mounted shooting goes from here. All are welcome, please bring a chair, something to drink, your ideas, and a positive attitude. Look forward to seeing all interested folks at the meeting. The meeting is this Sunday, Oct. 4th, 4pm at the Cook's house. The address is: 3808 SE 150th Street Summerfield, FL 34491. If you are unable to make the meeting and would like a copy of the meeting minutes please send your request to James Cook jimcook@cookrcs.com

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