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January 17-18 Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME, Is Your Horse Rescue Ready? – Tips & Tricks for Surviving Your Next Emergency.
January 13-15 Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, ME, Large Animal Emergency Rescue – Whats on Your Farm
Daily seminars by Vicki Schmidt, Frandford Mutual Aid FTA, and Troika Drafts Northeast Horsemans Conference & Trades Show

January 30 Equine Affaire, Fairplex, Pomona, CA Michelle Staples on Disaster Preparedness, Barn Fire Safety and Horse Safety for Youth.

jan 23-25 ice rescue billings, mt, Kim Little
jan 30- feb 1 ice rescue Couer d Alene, id, Kim Little
feb 6-8 ice rescue Lake Tahoe, nv, Kim Little
apr 17-19 tech animal rescue, augusta, ga, Kim Little
apr 24-26 tech animal rescue, cottonwood, az, Kim LIitle


Barn fire article from Vicki Schmidt: http://pressherald.mainetoday.com/story.php?id=226741&ac=PHnws
Mud rescue from Laurie Loveman: http://www.whdh.com/news/articles/local/BO97894/
Riding accident from Roland Escoto: http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/video?id=6545132
Article on ice rescues in FIRECHIEF magazine (Pets in Peril) from Laurie Loveman: www.firechief.com


During a recent trip to Toronto, I met with Bob Webb, Fire Marshall for Woodbine Entertainment Group. Bob oversees two major racetracks (with casinos) and several off-track betting parlors. Woodbine Race Track, as you may remember, was hit by a hellacious arson fire a few years ago. Over 30 horses died. Since taking over fire duties, Bob has made sure the barn areas are as safe as they can be. Some of the changes include a dry pipe system to all the barns that include a sprinkler in every stall and breezeway, and fire extinguishers at every entrance. During the tragic fire, an underground valve on the hydrant nearest the burning barns was stuck closed. Now, there are regular inspections of all fire fighting equipment.

After Bob introduced fire safety emergency procedures for his barns, the Ontario Racing Commission made it mandatory for all tracks in Ontario to supply an approved (by their local fire authorities) fire safety emergency plan for their barns and racetrack, as part of licencing for all racetracks in Ontario.


If you haven't seen this article, sent in by Jennifer Woods, check it out! http://www.avma.org/onlnews/javma/nov08/081115s.asp

CALIFORNIA: UC-Davis to train for large animal emergencies
15.nov.08 AVMA Greg Cima


The following video clip from the Chatsworth, CA fire was sent in by Roland Escoto, Chief Instructor for L.A. Command. Pretty scary stuff


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Jerry Floyd has the Anderson Sling site up and running! Yeah, Jerry! Its www.andersonsling.com


From Kim Little:

Please be aware that fire hose and tow straps should not be used for rescue work. They are not rated in any way for that type of work, and no manufacturer will stand behind their product being used in that manner.

Tow straps are not rated for shock load and fire hose has never been rated for tensile strength. If there is a failure and someone is injured, you will be found guilty of negligence.

1 and 2 inch tubular webbing is inexpensive, stores compactly, is rated for the job, and works better anyway.

If you can not find 2 in webbing locally, please contact me, I can get it at a good price.

I know this stuff is seeing widespread use, but we need to get the word out that people are opening themselves up to a real possibility of liability, not only for human injury, but injury or death could also occur to a very valuable large animal.


How Do Horses Age?

You may be familiar with how dogs age as compared to humans, but what about the horse? In the first year of life, the foal grows more rapidly than the human child. From birth until 3 years, the horse ages approximately 6.5 years for every human year. In his third year of life, the horse's age slows to about 5 years for every human year. The 3-year-old horse is the rough equivalent of an 18-year-old human. From 4 years on, the horse ages only about 2.5 years for each human year. A 22-year-old horse is approximately 65-years-old in human terms. A horse that lives to the ripe old age of 36 is the equivalent of a 100-year-old person.

All age equivalents in the charts are approximate, and just as with humans, some animals age better than others.

Horse to Human
1 year 6.5 years
2 years 13 years
3 years 18 years
4 years 20.5 years
10 years 35.5 years
17 years 53 years
20 years 60.5 years
24 years 70.5 years
30 years 85.5 years
36 years 100.5 years
Information courtesy of The Foaling Primer: A Month-by-Month Guide to Raising A Healthy Foal.


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